Nursery to Preschool


Ages 6 weeks – Preschool


In the infant room, Christ’s love for children is demonstrated through our small group leaders by providing a safe and clean environment in which the children can play. We believe babies are not too young to have the Word of God spoken over them. Therefore your child will be ministered to while we care for them.


Walking One Year Old’s and Two Year Old’s

Our toddlers begin learning Bible stories, as well as the concepts of friendship and helping by observing the actions of their small-group leader. Each class will have scheduled time in our Play Scape, a snack and a bible activity.


Preschool (3 – 5 year old’s, not in Kindergarten)

Our Preschoolers expand their Biblical knowledge during their very own worship service that includes relevant Bible teaching, creative drama and music. There is one service for our 3 year old’s and a separate service for our 4 and 5 year old’s. During classroom time they will have a bible activity, snack, story time and social time.