Care Strategy

Care Strategy Strategic Objectives


Our desire at The Oaks is to be intentional in our missions process.  We want to go deeper in specific areas so that we can see long-term transformation in the lives of the people we are partnering with.  We believe that through these focused objectives, we will have a greater impact and be better stewards of the finances that are given toward our missional endeavors.  


The areas that we feel God has directed our missions efforts both locally and globally are:

1.  Orphan Care

2.  Church Planting

3.  Next Generation Impact

4.  Community Transformation


Oaks Orphan Care Ministry

In 2009, God began to direct our hearts to the cause of the fatherless.  There are over 140,000,000 orphans world-wide, and we believe the church is the answer to this problem.  We are raising awareness and resources to come alongside foster and adoptive parents in order to impact the lives of these children.




Local Partners

content_CareStrategy_localpart_2013Our philosophy of ministry as a church is to not do for people, but to partner with people.  We partner with over 40 amazing non-profit organizations in Ellis County that help to serve our local community through food distribution, shelter for women in crisis, mentoring students, and so much more.  To see a list of those partners and to get plugged in, click here.




Global Partners

content_CareStrategy_globalpart_2013 We have partnered with some of the best organizations in the world.  Our goal is to not only bring aid to developing countries around the world, but to help specific communities discover what their natural resources and assets are, so that they can create sustainable models of economic and spiritual development.  One of our strategies with our global partners is to take mission trips each year to the areas where we are affecting change.  If you are interested in being a part of one of these trips, press the magic orange button below:

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