Freedom Quest

I'm Finally Free From A Decade Of Fear
I lived in fear for 10 years. I was so badly terrorized by crippling and irrational fear, suicide sometimes seemed like the only way out.

My life turned around after a friend introduced me to Freedom Quest. The Biblical truths I learned about myself through the classes gave me courage to face my fears. Those classes set me up to experience true relief and real breakthrough at Freedom Weekend.

Through the power of Jesus Christ, I am no longer paralyzed by fear. - Susan Brooks
So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. - John 8:36

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Live in the freedom available to you through Jesus Christ!

Be free from fear, trauma, abuse, blame, grief, addiction, regret…




Freedom Basics

Attending the Freedom Basics classes (or watching the videos) is a key foundation for getting the most out of Freedom Weekend. The Freedom Basics classes are like the 3D glasses at a 3D movie. You can watch a 3D movie without the glasses, and probably enjoy it, but with the glasses the picture is crystal clear. In the same way the Freedom Basics classes help you get the most out of Freedom Weekend.



Freedom Weekend:

Check back at a later time for Fall 2018 dates.

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Freedom Weekend

This two-day event hosted at The Oaks Fellowship is the core of Freedom Quest. It begins on Friday evening and concludes on Saturday afternoon. In an atmosphere of worship you will encounter the Holy Spirit in a large group setting. This is not a counseling or group therapy session, but a series of moments between you and God where you will experience His love, healing, and restoration.

Topics include:

  • Establishing our Identity in Christ
  • Healing Hurts and Traumas
  • Breaking Soul Ties
  • Forgiving others
  • Being Filled with the Holy Spirit



Live Free

Did you come to Freedom Weekend? If you did then you know that we talked about now that you ARE free it’s important to learn how to LIVE free! 
Pastor John Bates teaches us how to walk out the things we learned at Freedom Weekend.



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Freedom Topics

It is the Lord’s will that you are free in every area of your life. These following Freedom Topic videos will help you go deeper on your quest for freedom.


Brian Galbraith – Mar 9, 2016

Freedom Topics – Part 1 – Now What? Practical Maintenance of Freedom

More Messages From Brian Galbraith…

Freedom Topics – Part 1 – Now What? Practical Maintenance of Freedom Mar 9, 2016 Watch Listen
Freedom Topics – Part 3 – Living In Freedom And Helping Others Mar 30, 2016 Watch Listen

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Freedom Coaching

After completing Freedom Basics, Freedom Weekend and Freedom Groups, some may wish to seek individualized support in their Freedom Quest. Please email to request a coaching appointment.