How Do I Get Help?

Everyone needs a little help at times.

Whether you are looking for spiritual guidance, ways to improve your marriage or support during a season of recovery, connecting with any of the Bible-based resources below will get the help you need.

How Can We Help You?

Support Groups

We offer several groups to help overcome specific needs and challenges like divorce or separation, addiction, loss or financial difficulties. Click here to find a support group.


Professional Christian Counseling

Our recommendations:

Elledge Counseling Associates, 972.268.3096

Peter Pinion MS, LPC, 972.277.1728

Robert Saenz, LPC, 972-937-1984


Pastoral Care

We want to serve and minister to you or someone you know who needs pastoral care. We provide the following:

Benevolence Care: Providing assistance to members during times of emergencies.

Bereavement Care: Host/Hostess to serve family meal after a funeral.

Homebound Care: Visitation, prayer, Bible reading and communion.

Hospital Care: Visitation, prayer, encouragement and hope.

Pastoral Encouragement: Encouraging spiritual and biblical guidance provided by a member of our pastoral staff.

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Resources For Online Accountability

Covenant Eyes



Clergy Services


Following the death of a loved one, The Oaks strives to help each family with a service of celebration.  Our pastors are willing to go to area funeral homes to conduct the service.  If the family requests that the service be held at The Oaks, a staff member will work with them and the funeral home of their choice.


If you are looking for a pastor of The Oaks Red Oak Fellowship to officiate your wedding, you may choose which pastor you would like to perform the service.  To contact a pastor, call 214-376-8208 and ask for the pastor’s assistant. If you do not have a pastor chosen, please contact Brian Galbraith at 214-376-8208 or You can also contact Tina Cline for scheduling our facilities for weddings.

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