How Do I Request Prayer?

Share Your Prayer Requests, Pray for Others and Pray for Our Church.

We believe in praying together as a church family, bringing our needs to God and corporately hearing what he wants to say to to his church. We hope you’ll come join us for prayer and let us know below any way we can pray for you.

Corporate Prayer Opportunities:

Tuesdays, 9 am to 10 am // Worship Center Auditorium

Wednesdays, 7 pm // The Well (Midweek Service and Prayer Meeting) // Worship Center Auditorium

Wednesdays, 6:30 pm to 6:50 pm // Seven Student Ministries (6th to 12 Grade) Pre-Service Prayer // Student Building Auditorium


You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall using the form below. Once your prayer request is received, we will share it according to your instructions. Feel free to submit as many prayer requests as you like!


Praying that I can make a reasonable amount of money driving for Uber. Lord, please let my husband get back the money that was stolen from him. Someone stole it off his prepaid card from work. It was $405. In Jesus' name, amen.

Received: July 20, 2017


Please pray for my cousin Maria and her husband Juan. He is having his 3rd knee surgery. I pray they have the strength to get thru this and for his healing, so they can both get back to raising their beautiful family of 5 kids who need them. I pray in Jesus name.

Received: July 18, 2017


Please pray over our marriage. For God to lead me in the exact decision of what to do and for it be completely clear and to have confidence and peace. Thank you!

Received: July 16, 2017


Please pray for our Aunt Carol and her salvation. She was recently diagnosed with cancer in her lungs and liver (Secondary) They are trying to find where it originally came from. They are saying its not treatable.(She also has M.S. Multiple Sclerosis and has had for many years) Praying that Carol and other family members come to know Christ and see Him in this situation and Carols healing in Jesus name. God Bless you all!

Received: July 16, 2017


I'm praying Hebrews 13-4-7. Also praying for my dad and my family. I pray that my family would move closer together. I'm trying to find my purpose in life. I just started a new job in hope that this is the road to success. I'm ready to share my life with the one I pray to. I'm learning God's word, walking His path and all that He has planned for me.

Received: July 16, 2017


Please pray for my mother Gloria for healing from cancer. She has started a new cancer treatment that made her extremely sick last year.

Received: July 16, 2017


We‘re asking that you please pray for our family as a whole. To be a better people and live righteously . Pray for my permanent full time job with better pay and financial benefits. Ask that you pray that we are blessed with a good reliable transportation to get us where we need to go. Lastly, ask for prayer to receive my tax return before the start of school . Thanks.

Received: July 16, 2017


Urgent prayers needed for my nephew Richard. He was in a bad accident today and is now on life support.

Received: July 16, 2017


Please pray for me to find what God has made me for. I'm struggling to find a career, and with finances, I don't feel like I contribute to my family. My wife and I want a house, but she can't do it alone and I barely make enough to help any. I've prayed for God to help and continue to sometimes I feel discouraged but deep down I know good things are coming. Pray that I can continue to trust in Him to provide.

Received: July 12, 2017


Please pray that I receive my probationary certificate, pass the PPR (the first time), and receive my standard certificate by the end of the year.

Received: July 11, 2017


Please pray for my cancer to go away. The Chemo treatments are slowly eating away my body. Plus on top of the cancer, I have been HIV positive for the last 29 years.

Received: July 9, 2017


Please pray for me. I am 37 yrs old. The Dr. has me on blood thinners because of blood clots. Please pray that my blood sugar stays normal, it was 275 this morning which is way too high. Please agree with me and my family for total healing. I also need favor at work. Thank you.

Received: July 7, 2017


Almost 5 years ago I went through a very bad divorce. Due to limited funds, I didn't have the best legal representation and my 3 children and I had to move out of our home. My children and I live in a one bedroom. Ex-husband took me to court again in 2015 and tried to take my children away from me, but God allowed me to continue to be the primary parent. I ask that you please help me in praying for peace and to get my home back and for my children in coping with this ordeal. I am fasting and I know God will work it out. Thank you for your prayers.

God bless, Sheana

Received: July 6, 2017


Please pray for my marriage. Pray that my husband will stop drinking. It seems like he loves that more than me. I just graduated and will be looking for a job. Pray for my adult kids. Thank you!

Received: July 2, 2017


Please pray for my friend, Terri. Doctors found a 5cm mass in her lung. They are waiting on biopsy results.

Received: June 28, 2017


Yesterday, I made a really bad choice out of stupidity and over thought things. I have tried to rectify the situation, so I have done what I can do. So now I ask you prayer warriors to pray with me for the Lord to see me and my family through this. Also, that the Lord gives His favor in this matter and helps me make better decisions in the future.

Received: June 27, 2017


Pray for my friend, Brianna, that she would be convicted of the things she is doing with another man. He is manipulative and they do not see their sin. Pray they are both convicted of what they are doing. Please pray for all of their salvations as well as the salvations of their family members, please.

Received: June 26, 2017


Praying for my daughter to find a part-time job that she likes. In Jesus name, Amen

Received: June 23, 2017


I would like to pray for my niece and her husband. Lord, please guide them in their marriage and have your way with their hearts. I pray for restoration in their marriage. In Jesus name, Amen

Received: June 23, 2017

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