Oaks School of Leadership

I am a Pastor today Thanks to The Oaks
I went to college on a sports scholarship. But it wasn’t where I was supposed to be. God wanted me in ministry. Unfortunately I had no experience and no idea what it meant to work in a church.

Then I found The Oaks School of Leadership.

I interned with Seven, the youth ministry at The Oaks, while going through school. What I learned in the classroom I could immediately apply in the real world. I learned how to prepare sermons, program services, lead volunteers, disciple students and more.

I love serving teens. Now it’s my full-time job. I’m a youth pastor thanks to The Oaks, and I love it. - Will Perry

The Oaks Fellowship is a fast-growing church with a passion and calling to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders for the advancement of the Kingdom worldwide.

With a vision for planting churches all over the world, the church is excited about the college students of The Oaks School of Leadership – the Christian leaders of tomorrow – who undergird the many ministries of The Oaks Fellowship, serving more than 3,000 people each week. Its rich history spanning over 90 years of outreach, leadership development, and community evangelism as well as its close relationship with SAGU, an accredited university which upholds its same values, makes The Oaks Fellowship an ideal environment for college students to learn a ministry approach with excellence, compassion and commitment.

The Oaks School of Leadership (OSL) was founded by Pastor Scott Wilson to be a place where people of great talent, great calling, and great passion can be developed for the greatest work on earth: to bring glory to the name of Jesus Christ in every nation, city, and community. If you are a high school or college-age student and this vision resonates with you, then OSL may be the next step in God’s plan for your life.

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