Oaks Worship Auditions

Step 1 – Fill out our Volunteer Application

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Step 2 – Watch Entire Audition Example Video

Step 3 – Submit Your Audition

We are excited about all that God is doing in and through Oaks Worship, and we’re looking forward to hearing your audition via video submission!
If you play multiple instruments and want to audition with them all, we ask that you submit separate videos for each instrument. This includes vocalists who also play instruments. Please submit your video via YouTube. Under privacy settings, select “unlisted” and title “Your Name – Oaks Worship Auditions”. Copy and paste the link to your video in the email.
To submit auditions email us at oaksauditions@gmail.com. We will view all video submissions and email you within two weeks  of your submitted video. 
If you are interested in being a part of our Audio Engineer Team or Pro Presenter team email oaksauditions@gmail.com to let us know!

Vocal Audition Example


Female Key (D) – Ever Be
Male Key (F) – Ever Be
Chorus & Bridge Only – Ever Be

Instrumental Audition Example


“Alive” – Hillsong Y&F
“Ever Be” – Bethel


“Alive” – Hillsong Y&F
“Ever Be” – Bethel


“Alive” – Hillsong Y&F
“Ever Be” – Bethel


“Ever Be” – Bethel 


“Ever Be” – Bethel